March 2012: a poem

Photo: Wendy Knight

March 2012: a poem

daffodils, the world's first waking yawn
yellow-green leaves, pastel blooms
creep from the grey
like a stretch of the arms

then wide awake
surging with life
color deep and bold and strong

bursts into flame
building the fire to warm us up good

before we slide back
into the white and grey bed of winter

I love to watch
as the earth changes its picture
for me

rhubarb emerges
for a moment
an alien brain pushing through the soil
then unfurls

moss, waiting in darkness
suddenly turns on
the green after the rain

chicken feet
draw lines in the grass
with well-worn paths

the growth of trees
destined next year to be taller
until we are surprised at the twigs they used to be

and I
paint on my corner
of this ever-evolving canvas
with plantings of joy and hope

Wendy Knight lives with her husband and kids on The Funny Farm in Lewisburg, Tennessee, where she dabbles in gardening, farming, and other kinds of art. She blogs erratically about life at wjk ink.

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