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It is our conviction that art is a multi-faceted part of life that manifests not only in the visual arts but also in the way one chooses to live. Whether it is in the way one chooses to do her work, in how she interacts with others, in the way she thinks, etc., for us, there is an underlying aesthetic value tied to every aspect of life. Since life is art, twice a month we will be posting brief biographies of local artists (in all fields – businessmen, musicians, entrepreneurs, visual artists and more) along with an interview so that you can get to know those who are involved in adding to the richness of our community’s culture. And so, since “we are his workmanship,” the Greek word here for workmanship being poiema (think ‘poem’ or ‘artful creation’), “created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them,” (Ephesians 2:10 ESV) it is our hope that you enjoy these artists and are encouraged by their own ‘workmanship’, or poiema, and that their own story will inspire yours.



Andrew Shepherd: Photographer

Andrew Shepherd

Andrew Shepherd is a Dallas-based multimedia content creator who freelances on the editorial and commercial side of photography and graphic design. He thrives in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary model in which the synthesis of a team's collective specialty, vision and passion allow the formation of more genuine and whole multimedia experiences. The potential for telling stories excites him…

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Kyle Steed: Artist, Illustrator, Designer

Kyle Steed

Kyle Steed is a simple dude. He loves to draw, design, and make things by hand. When not doing one of those things, he also enjoys cooking, eating, drinking scotch and documenting it all on Instagram. The desire to make work that’s both fun and meaningful is what he’s passionate about. He enjoys the simple things in life…

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Casey Wiegand: Teacher, Painter, & Founder of A Little Artsy

Christine Bailey

Casey Wiegand grew up in Dallas and studied early childhood education at Baylor. After graduating, she combined her undergraduate pursuits with her passion for art to create “A Little Artsy”, an art school for children and adults. Casey is a self-taught, mixed media abstract artist who uses a combination of various materials in her work to achieve a layered and textured look…

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David Rodriguez: Painter & Co-Founder of ArtLoveMagic

David Rodriguez

Most known for his dynamic paintings that are filled with thought provoking messages, David Rodriguez has made an incredible impact creating live interpretive performance paintings that communicate concise messages and spiritual matters through the visual arts.

His approach generally begins with serious research and alignment to the content he is complimenting. He uses this understanding to then create a piece that combines an illustrator's method of story telling with the delivery of traditional fine arts…

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